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February 22, 2019

Video Blogger


In February 2019, I made my first PR to the Gatsby blog. I submitted a blog that I wrote about how to get started with themes. It covers everything from what you need to install, to using the theme once it is complete. I hope to contribute to Gatsby more by writing more instructional blog posts for people who may just be starting out, and helping to create themes and starters. Check out my blog contributions on Gatsby


if-me is a wonderful open-source project that is all about mental health. I was first introduced to if-me in August 2018 at the Write/Speak/Code Conference in NYC. This was the open-source project that I started working on. I am currently helping them organize their styleguide in Storybook so that there is reference guide for common CSS classes used and when each one is used. I hope to continue making contributions for if-me that allow me to assist developers get a better idea of the design direction. Check out what is going on at if-me.

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