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February 22, 2019

Video Blogger

pdxFLIT was created in April 2018, when a fellow code school classmate and I realized that there was a missing meetup in the Portland tech scene. There were a lot of language-specific meetups, there was even a Junior Developer Meetup, but what about the people who aren't sure WHAT they want to do yet...maybe it's design, maybe it's QA, maybe it's PM, etc. I was definitely in the boat of not knowing what I wanted to be in tech, I just knew I wanted to be there.

pdxFLIT was born out of the need for a place where techies new to the scene could learn and blossom. We like to keep our talks light and fun, we really want to gear it toward people who don't have much technical depth yet. We also focus on non-technical topics such as diversity and inclusion, toxic work environments, what to expect in your first developer role, and being a career changer. I curate the talks every month, and every month there is a theme that all 2-3 talks encompass. We have also hosted a workshop with Intel for resume and cover letter building, as well as, two hackathons.

Past Events

April 2018: Kick-off Party

A party at a local brewery to kick off pdxFLIT!

May 2018: Tech Starter Pack Night

Danielle Heber: "What to Expect in your First Software Developer Role"

Kyle Shevlin: "On Being a Second Career Developer"

Ken Keiter: "Technical Interview Suck, But You Rock"

June 2018: Developer Engagement Night

Emma Holland: "Why Do We Need Community Management"

Michelle Levine: "Journey to WWC (Women Who Code)"

Jonan Scheffer: "Sleeping In Airports: The Magical, Terrible Life of a Developer Advocate"

July 2018: Diversity and Inclusion Night

Tiberius Hefflin: "The Monster on the Project"

Perry Eising: "This is the Signal You've Been Waiting For: Diversity, Economy, and Messaging"

Marcus Carter: "Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce: Themes, Trends, and What We Might Do Differently"

August 2018: Professional Development Workshop with Intel

Members of pdxFLIT learned how to make their cover letters and resumes more attractive to hiring managers and recruiters.

September 2018: Hack the Dot x pdxFLIT Mini Hackathon

pdxFLIT collaborated with to bring a Hack the Dot hackathon, a hackathon that takes place over the course of three hours.

October 2018: Spooktacular Hackathon with Gatsby

With Gatsby, Netlify, and Cloudflare as sponsors, pdxFLIT put on a spooky one-day hackathon.

January 2019: Happy Hour w/ Jr Dev Meetup

In collaboration with the Jr Dev Meetup in Portland, we brought the two groups together to kick off the New Year!

February 2019: CSS Hacks Night

Scott Vandehey: "What is Modular CSS?"

Jordan Levine: "A Crash Course On Getting Started with CSS Animations"

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