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Design Process


February 22, 2019

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The What

The first thing I address when desiging is WHAT the project is. I either am given a problem that needs to be solved, or I come up with my own.

The Who

The next question I address when desiging is WHO I am designing for. I determine who would primarily be using this product or feature.

The Why

Next, I find out WHY this product or feature needs to be made by doing user research. I figure out the current pain points for potential users by doing user surveys and interviews. After gathering the qualatative data, I make a spreadsheet with notable quotes from the users to find patterns and trends between participants.

The How

The next step is to think about HOW these pain points can be solved by the product I am building.

Wireframing and Mockups

After deciding HOW I am going to solve the problem, I create sketches or wireframes to determine a user flow. This is usually done in Figma, Sketch, or Marvel.

MVP Version 1 and User Testing

After coming up with a mockup I will build a simple static website that goes through the flow of the website wih my designs implemented. I will then send my MVP to some of the participants I interviewed and have them click through it and give feedback.


Using the feedback, I will implement changes into my MVP. I will keep using user testing until I am satisfied with the flow, then I will implement the new designs and functionality.

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